Skipton for the Day

Sunday 10th July 2016

Awoke to semi-sunshine so bolted out the door to do a bit of footwork around the town of Skipton. This is an extremely picturesque village which gets inundated with tourists. Skipton is on the very southern edge of the Yorkshire Dales. We have the wonderful opportunity in two weeks time to spend three days in the Dales with our good friend Nick who is coming in from Australia. He also has cousins who live 20k’s out of Skipton and have offered our family of four plus Nick to spend a few days with them. Such a generous offer – we need to have serious talks to the girls to behave themselves.

What we have noticed is when we are in confined areas, like in a small store, we get the real “water wobbles”. Not sure if the girls get it but we certainly find it quite disconcerting. Three days off the boat will be interesting to see how long it takes before the “water wobbles” disappear.


We headed up to the Skipton Castle but not to go inside but rather to go to the forest behind it. The walk took us about ¾ hour and was like walking through what you would imagine Sherwood Forest was like. It rained and it was muddy underfoot but it didn’t defer from the mystique of it.


On our return to Skipton we wandered around the centre of town with all the cobblestone streets, stone houses, narrow alleyways and numerous pubs.


Being Sunday it means a pub lunch of roast beef and Yorkshire pud but we had an invite at 4.00pm to M+W’s boat for an afternoon tea so needed to save ourselves. There will be lots of other opportunities for pub lunches.


Skipton is a very busy little town and the canal is no exception. There is a bit of a junction here along with the boat hire offices which makes for a bit of craziness.


On our return to the boat we had to bath two rather muddy wet pooches. Bit of a bugger as we only bathed them a few days ago. Today was spent doing some “smalls” washing and a topping up in Tesco’s which was literally a few yards away. We start with our first lot of guests on Thursday so with the convenience of the Tesco’s it was time to top up the dry goods.

Big day for sports as it was the men’s Wimbledon finals and the European Football final. Alas, England did not make the football final but Andy Murray has served his country well having won the tennis. England needs a bit of positiveness (?? Such a word) as it is a country is no-mans-land with all the political upheaval of the last few weeks. It doesn’t help that the two instigators of the whole Brexit episode have resigned and now left it to others to try to make it work.

Had a most enjoyable three hours with W+M consuming lots of calories and beverages. These guys are an amazing source of canal history and general canal knowledge. We very much enjoy our chats and are going to miss these guys when we split in two weeks. We watched a video with them this afternoon on the Leeds to Liverpool Canal that was in German. W translated for us and the scenery was surreal. There was aerial footage which puts a lot of things into perspective for us. When you are wandering along the waterways you don’t get a good idea of where you are in relation to the area around you. The photo gives you a little bit of an idea of how the canal can twist and turn.


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