Brexit!! – History in the making

Milnsbridge to Huddersfield

Friday 24th June 2016

WOW – awoke to the news like the rest of the world that the UK is leaving the EU. 51.9% voted with their hearts and the other 48.1% voted with their hands on their wallets. One of the most contentious issues relates to the open door policy to migration throughout the EU. There should have been more stopgaps put in place as the wealthier countries like the UK and Germany ended up taking in the majority which has put a huge drain on their resources.

We are currently up in Yorkshire where there was a large leave percentage which is the way most rural areas voted in the UK. Talking to locals today many are surprised how close it was. This is the worrying part, that it is so close.

Scotland is already talking about another referendum but not sure if there will even be an EU in 10-15 years so they might want to be careful as to where they hang their hat as the coat hook might fall off the wall.

We wish England all the best in these new uncertain times but as mentioned, it would have been better if there had been a bigger majority win as it would have the country more united.

No pictures today as we didn’t go through any interesting areas. We had 9 locks to do from Milnsbridge to Huddersfield through some pretty grimy areas. We spent this morning in Milnsbridge doing the laundry and talking to locals as they came in and out dropping off their washing. There was a lot of nervousness in the conversations.


Hudderfields gives you the impression of being a bit rough though having said that there is a Sainbury’s here – whoopee. We are off tonight to go and check it out as after a few bits and pieces.

One thought on “Brexit!! – History in the making

  1. Wow guys you are there in interesting times. I know you’re thinking living breathing current trip, but just wondering if you have any details of Baltic cruise or at least rough dates and cruise line. Looks like you’re hving a great time, lucky ducks – cold here and I’ve got tonsillitis boo hoo. Next week should be good heading north with the camper trailer to pastoral station called woolleen for camping tour etc. WA adventureholics ha ha


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