Dunkinfield (Outer Manchester) – Woodend

Friday 17th June 2016

We need to do an addendum to yesterdays block. After we had moored up and were having dinner we noticed a couple of girls down on the towpath in front of the boat who had a shopping trolley. They looked like they were in their mid teens. We didn’t pay a lot of attention to them until W+M pulled up behind us and told us that they had seen them from a distance hurl the shopping trolley into the canal in front of our boat. The purpose of this activity is unknown to us. We hauled the trolley out of the canal and put it on the embankment but no doubt it will still end up in a watery grave. We also bought some high visibility cheap cloth ball type thingies that we put over the top of the pegs when we moor up so that people do not trip on the mooring pins. Don’t ask us why but someone felt they really needed one of these after being on the pins for an hour. Sorry, but we are unable to understand this lack of mentality.


Not a particularly exciting day. Overcast weather but at least it is not raining – for the moment. We actually got off to one of our earlier starts today with departure time of 9.15 am – WOW! We knew we had a few locks ahead of us so you always need a bit of extra time in your day. So we came off the Peak Forest Canal and onto the Ashton briefly before going straight onto the Huddersfield Canal. The start of the Huddersfield Canal is known as the broads as on this side of the Standedge tunnel the canal is wider.

Our first encounter consisted of a bar fridge floating along. It looked pretty new. Once again, why someone felt it needed to be in the canal we do not know. At least it was floating so was easier to avoid.


We spent most of the day cruising along built up inner city areas with many derelict mills but other mills that had been repurposed into apartments. At the same time we were running parallel to the River Tame and all of a sudden we found ourselves on an aqueduct going over the river. It came upon us very suddenly and it is hard to see but it was a bit of a drop off the side of the aqueduct to the river below.

The first photo is a bit deceptive as it looks like the boat is sideways across the canal.


The second photo gives you a more accurate picture.


As you can see we are never very far from a supermarket. If we wanted we could order our groceries on-line and they would deliver them to the boat but we are not quite that lazy. We also like to get off the boat and stretch our legs.


We got the pleasure today of passing a sewerage works along with an electrical substation and right under the legs of the power pole. As the Ozzies would appreciate – the serenity of it all!!


Our next port of call was to drop off and get some water as we were now into our third day of having not filled up and the tanks were more than likely pretty low. W+M filled up first as they were in front of us and then we tied up beside them and filled up after them. Whilst waiting for the tanks to fill which took about ½ and hour each “M” brought up the freshly brewed café latte’s and chocolate biscuits for our morning tea. Pretty good service indeed. We have renamed their boat the Café Ange De L’eau.


As you can see by this picture – it is the Jag versus the Datto!

A nice pic of W with Di studying the form guide in the background.


Photo after Di had placed her bet.

Wolfgang and Di

We cruised onto a place called Woodend after a day of having done 14 locks to reward ourselves with a meal at the Roaches Lock pub which has a very good reputation for fine food. As it is Friday night it will have to be fish and chips.


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