Tuesday 7th June 2016

Off into the little town of Kidsgrove this morning to get an early start with the laundry – oh the excitement of it. Need to mention here that once again we have superb weather. Di was deposited with all the whiffy washing at the local laundrette where she met a few interesting characters. She was told the story of the large drycleaning machine in the corner which wasn’t for use any longer due to the local youth coming in and sniffing the drycleaning chemicals – hmmm. Fras went off with the wonky trolley to do some further food shopping. You see our lives are just such a fun moment to moment type of living. After rendezvousing following our tasks we set off back to the boat like a couple of old char ladies with their cleaning washing and groceries to let the pooches out.

When back at the boat our new boat neighbours mentioned that Toque was making her presence known to all and sundry by crying and generally being pathetic. This is not good news.

Quick lunch and then back out again in time for Di to catch the bus to Alsager to the Podiatrist and for Fraser to walk back to the tunnel we came through yesterday and walk over the top of the hill and see if he can find where the horse trail use to be. The horses use to pull the boats prior to engines but were unable to go through tunnels. Whilst they walked the horses over the tunnels there were men employed who would lay on their backs on the roof of the boats and leg them through. They were paid according to how many times they went through the tunnels. This must have been very hard and difficult work as with the boats laden with goods they would have been extremely heavy. Bet they had thunder thighs.

Di’s trip to Alsager was quick but the trip on the bus was beautiful through rolling countryside and narrow roadways covered with a canopy of large trees. The town of Alsager wasn’t particularly appealing but once again the main street had 7 charity shops that she managed to count. There were also a lot of empty shops. Of course there was a big supermarket from the ASDA chain. These are what is killing the high streets of English towns.

We both met back at the boat to find our new German BFF’s pulling in beside us. Quick chat with them and then we all headed off to the Red Bull with the pooches for an early evening drink. Our new BFF’s have an amazing knowledge of the canal system and he is even talking about writing a book in German for people wanting to know and understand the inland water system of England. We got a tour of their boat which is a little like someone showing you their home – to us it was most interesting.


One of the ventilation shafts for the tunnel on Fraser’s walk

Toque at BFF

Toque introducing herself to our German BFF’s


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