Final Farewells – 24th March 2019

It has been a day of final farewells which we have been having to do a lot on this trip. We have reassured everyone though that we will be back to haunt them at some time or another and that we expect to be able to gladly repay everyone’s hospitality they have kindly extended to us. It would be great to see them visit us in Canada so we can proudly show them our magnificent back yard called the Canadian Rockies but we do understand it isn’t always possible.

Start to the day was another great brekky (we are sounding Aussie now) on the back porch at Dom and Belinda’s and Di managed to coerce Dale and Will out of bed with yet another card game. We have got these boys well and truly hooked. Considering it is meant to be autumn, the weather has been turning it on for us with the last two days being 29c and 32c, so when we were eating brekky and playing cards it required all the shade blinds to be dropped down. We even got Alex who is six involved in the game as it involves counting he was happily amused for most of the time.

We’ve managed to squirrel ourselves into these guys lives over the last five months as we have stayed with them three separate times which has been a total of about three weeks. It was hard to say goodbye to them but we will probably see Belinda and one of the boys in England in July when we are on the canal boat. Dom is French so returns regularly to France throughout the year to visit his elderly parents and take Alex their grandson with him.

It was then time to dump ourselves on Fraser’s mum Barb for the remainder of our time in Australia. It was a quick hello, cuppa tea and then out the door again as we had to look for some respectable clothes for this cruise as there are four formal nights. Fras is totally chuffed as he got dress pants, shirt and tie for $60 whereas as Di was glum as she has gone up a few dress sizes and is very concerned as there is still three weeks on a cruise boat to go☹️. Having a long holiday like this has some significant down sides and there is a huge amount of work to be done back in Canada along with close observation of caloric intake between now and then.

We drove out to Elwood to see Shelly, Sam and Henry the cat who we looked after for three weeks in January whilst they went to Japan. We still had their house key as on their return they had god awful colds which even now they are still trying to recover from and they didn’t want to infect us so we kept their keys. This was a chance to return them, have a great Italian meal and ice cream (and one wonders why she has gone up a few dress size – dah!!!) and say goodbye. These guys are quite the globetrotters as during the school break over Easter they are off to Singapore for five days and then Shelly is going to climb Kilimanjaro in September. Sam and Di are in the same way of thinking – why would you do that. Fraser was like, can I come too!!!!